Miscreated Server Info:
Server Name: DEVIANTHORDE.COM 24hr Daylight|PVP|Dedicated|USEAST
Server IP: (Host changed the server IP on 20-FEB-2019)
Miscreated Server Rules:
  • Trust Nobody - Kill on Site*
  • *Do not spawn camp users. Use judgement, but fresh spawns should be shown a little bit of mercy. Warning shots come to mind here.
  • When you kill someone, loot their bodies and move on. Do not grief a fresh spawn attempting to retrieve what is left. You have been warned. You will be banned.
  • Bases are indestructible, but that only means you cant chop your way in. If you can get into a base in some other fashion, its fair game.
  • Have Fun and survive if you can
Any issues or concerns contact: alpha@devianthorde.com